“Productivity isn’t everything, but in
the long run, it’s almost everything”

National Productivity Week is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of productivity and its impact on the economy, society and the environment, uniting key stakeholders across the UK.

The Productivity Institute

The Productivity Institute is a UK-wide research organisation exploring what productivity means for business, for workers and for communities – how it is measured and how it truly contributes to increased living standards and well-being.

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The Productivity Institute is hosting National Productivity Week to encourage business leaders and policy makers to talk about the one thing that the UK’s future prosperity depends on – productivity.

Supporters of National Productivity Week
Our partners

The Productivity Institute has ten academic partnerships across the UK – Cambridge University, Cardiff University, Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence, University of Glasgow, King’s College London, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Queen’s University Belfast, The University of Sheffield, The University of Manchester and The University of Warwick.

Our interdisciplinary world-class research draws on expertise from social sciences, engineering, physics, political science, business management, innovation research and data science.

Productivity research backed by insights

Productivity research is one of Economic and Social Research Council’s most important priorities. The Productivity Institute is one of a number of research investments funded by the ESRC investigating productivity.