Productivity is key to prosperity

The National Productivity Week is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of
productivity and its impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Productivity can drive inclusive growth

Increased productivity can lead to higher wages and household incomes, stronger
businesses, better public services and a higher standard of living.

The Productivity Agenda

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Beyond the Hype: Making AI Work for Business Productivity.

Watch the main session from the conference, featuring Welcome address by Anthony Impey, Alison Wright, Bart van Ark, Tera Allas, Jurga Zilinskiene and Megan Carnegie.

Alliance Manchester Business School, at The University of Manchester, logo

Changes in working patterns and practices and productivity in North West firms

Join Barry Leahey and Jill Rubery as they discuss new forms of working and technologies and the effects on the productivity of companies in the North West.

Cracking the productivity code: policies for sustainable growth

Presenting new work decomposing the UK’s productivity slowdown and highlighting international comparisons and what this means for policy.

University of Glasgow logo

Customers, consumers and end-users as FinTech innovators?

Reflection of the effect of fintech innovations on consumers and customers.

Queen's University Belfast logo

Delivering business and economic growth in Northern Ireland

Featuring the launch of the 2023 Northern Ireland Productivity Dashboard, alongside presenting findings from the NI Management Survey.

How can the government improve public service productivity?

Join us for the first of our Productivity Pitches hybrid events, a new series organised jointly with the Institute for Government.

University of Glasgow logo

Innovation districts, partnerships and communities of innovation

Focusing on the Scottish context regarding building resilient and diverse communities of innovation.

University of Glasgow logo

New perspectives on productivity: scale deep, crowdfunding and purposeful business

Join a discussion on the ongoing shift in socioeconomic and environmental context within Scotland which is prompting new approaches to productivity.

Bennett Institute for Public Policy, at Cambridge University, logo

Productivity in the East – People and Place

Find out about the work on the relatedness of the emerging sectors of the economy across the region.

Cardiff University logo

Productivity in Wales: in search of a miracle

This Breakfast Briefing will explore the huge Welsh productivity challenge and assess the potential for future improvements.

Productivity Lessons Learnt from the World – Best International Practices and Policies

This CIMA webinar provides a forum for global business leaders and macro experts to share examples from leading countries to improve productivity growth and demystify the productivity puzzle.

Warwick Business School logo

Re-imagining productivity – productivity from the individual to business

Wrap-up of the NPW event examining what productivity means from the perspective of the individual, in addition to what it means for large firms or policy makers.

King's Business School logo

The future of sustainable growth in the construction industry and the development of ‘on-street’ charging infrastructure

A green growth seminar discussing research on the future of sustainable growth in the construction industry and the transition to electric vehicles.

The Productivity Institute logo

The Productivity Agenda- blueprint for boosting the UK’s productivity

The Productivity Agenda will highlight key areas of policy for leaders to translate productivity gains into improved living standards and well-being across the UK.

Sheffield University Management School logo

The Productivity Challenge: Yorkshire and Humber and the North East

Examining specific productivity challenges across the region, how these challenges are being addressed, and emerging opportunities.

University of Glasgow logo

The Triple Bottom Line and AI – new ways of thinking about productivity

Discovering more about the framework that integrates social well-being, environmental stewardship and economic equity.

Workplace mental health and productivity

Exploring evidence-based solutions for improving workplace mental health and productivity.


Report: Productivity in the UK Evidence Review – Productivity Commission

The cost of UK productivity underperformance is laid bare in first report of Productivity Commission.

Report: Strategic Productivity for the Leadership Team

Detailing the five drivers of business productivity and how business leaders can work more closely across functions to boost growth.

Report: Making Public Sector Productivity Practical

Outlining why productivity growth in the public sector is so important and what levers the public sector can use to achieve their goals.


The Productivity Agenda

Highlighting key areas of policy for leaders to focus on so the public, private and civic sectors can be better equipped to translate productivity gains into improved living standards and well-being across the UK.

Conference: AI for business productivity

Hear from business leaders and experts about the practical ways AI technologies are identified, trialled and used, and learn how to overcome the barriers to their successful implementation.

About National Productivity Week

The National Productivity Week is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of productivity and its impact on the economy, society and the environment, hosted by The Productivity Institute.

A purple stamp from the 1962 National Productivity Year featuring the event's logo and Queen Elizabeth II

The inspiration behind National Productivity Week

Read reflections and lessons 60 years on from the UK’s National Productivity Year, which began in November 1963 and has inspired National Productivity Week.